KrolLDiscovery is proud to offer a full range of technology-assisted review tools from the world’s leading developers of analytics and predictive coding software. Contact us for a free consultation to determine which solutions are right for your case.

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As you might expect from the world’s #1 eDiscovery platform, kCura’s Relativity comes fully loaded with cutting-edge analytic tools to drastically improve your discovery workflow.

Work Smarter, Go Faster

From the moment we flip the switch on the Relativity Analytics engine, you’ll see how the power of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) brings a world of information to your fingertips. With these groundbreaking tools at your disposal, it’s easier than ever to allocate and understand massive amounts of data.

  • Email Threading: Determine the relationship between email messages and identify the most content-inclusive messages to avoid redundant review.
  • Near-duplicate Identification: Identify records that are textually similar to expedite the review process.
  • Data Clustering: Group conceptually similar documents together for effective batching and improved consistency.
  • Concept Searching: Search documents without the restrictions of knowing specific keywords; concept searching is truly a freeform approach to drilling down on your data.
  • Document Categorization: Define custom categories that conceptually relate a universe of documents based on preliminary user input from a sample set.
  • Language Identification: Automatically identify the documents in your data set that contain text from the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.
  • Relativity Assisted Review: Relativity leverages the same LSI engine used for data analytics to power a built-in Predictive Coding workflow. Click on the Predictive Coding button to learn more.

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Equivio is quickly emerging as a leader in the data analytics industry. Designed specifically for eDiscovery solutions, Equivio’s Zoom platform leverages the tested and proven Support Vector Machine (SVM) engine to provide language-agnostic analysis of text-based data.

Don’t Get Lost in the Interface

Equivio Zoom was built with one person in mind: you. With a friendly interface and simple workflow, Zoom allows anyone to dive-in and get results. Never be intimidated by your data again.

What’s in the Toolbox

  • Near-Duplicates: Identify and group similar records, and highlight the subtle differences for a quicker review.
  • Themes: Equivio’s latest addition to the Zoom toolbox, Themes allows users to quickly learn vital information about large amounts of data.
  • Email Threads: Determine the relationship between email messages and identify the most content-inclusive messages to avoid redundant review.
  • Batching: Keep together documents with like themes, email threads, and near-duplicates to maximize your review efficiency.
  • Language Identification: Automatically identify the primary language on all documents in your data set. Utilizes Rosette by Basis to support over 55 languages.
  • Relevance: Equivio leverages the same SVM engine used for Zoom analytics to power its Predictive Coding software. Click on the Predictive Coding button to learn more.

Cross-platform Compatibility

Concerned about utilizing Zoom because your case resides in Relativity? Don’t be. Zoom data is easily imported into Relativity and ready to use almost immediately. KrolLDiscovery provides this data transfer service free of charge.

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Imagine you have one million documents to review, a one month deadline, and a very tight budget. Impossible? Not anymore. Enter the world of predictive coding (aka technology-assisted review or TAR).Predictive coding is a statistical approach for auto-ranking responsiveness of documents. After some preliminary assistance from your human subject matter expert (SME), the system actually learns how to semantically associate authored content with responsiveness. With very little effort, one person can eliminate what used to be an enormous amount of human effort. All within the confines of a user-friendly, review-centric workflow that is easy to tackle.

Zero to 60 in Record Time

KrolLDiscovery is able to quickly prepare a predictive coding environment upon receipt of the review data. Once the environment is ready, your SME will spend the next few hours training the system. Then it’s off to the races.

With reliable responsiveness data now at your disposal, traditional eDiscovery workflow becomes a thing of the past. Now you can:

  • Segregate data into responsiveness levels
  • Cull and spot-check highly non-responsive documents
  • Prioritize 2L and privilege review
  • Analyze responsive and non-responsive data for semantic patterns
  • Plan your production schedule with greater confidence
  • Strategize your remaining Discovery practice

Defensible Results

Predictive coding leverages the same trusted engines that power text analytics widely used in the legal field and dozens of other high-risk industries. The math is proven, and the methods are trial tested. With every predictive coding project, KrolLDiscovery will provide minimum figures for Recall, Precision, Error Margin, and F-measure. These figures are statistically defensible and can be relied upon when needed.*

* As with any review, success is wholly dependent on training. This is even more true with predictive coding. If the training is poor, the statistical figures will be inaccurate.

The Choice is Yours

KrolLDiscovery is proud to offer both Equivio Relevance and Relativity Assisted Review, the two most widely used and battle tested commercial tools in the industry. Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about these platforms.

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