KrolLDiscovery uses a proprietary processing application that is faster and more robust than any competing product. And because we can simultaneously deploy multiple instances of our application, we can process massive amounts of data in a fraction of the time required with other applications. We commonly process several TB’s of data in a single week.

The ability to process large volumes of data is only half the story. KrolLDiscovery can significantly reduce the overall data size by utilizing our integrated deduplication engine. This powerful tool can sweep away redundant documents by comparing custom hash values, calculated from the metadata contained within any number of up to fourteen separate fields. Because all deduplication activity gets captured within comprehensive reporting features built-in to our application, this defensible process is always tracked, recoverable, and reproducible.

KrolLDiscovery’s processing application is also supported by powerful 3rd party culling technology like dtSearch and Equivio Zoom®. dtSearch is the world’s most powerful text retrieval engine, and is used by kCura for its Relativity® eDiscovery platform. Equivio Zoom provides the ability to retain inclusive email threads, while redundant “earlier-in-time” conversation is kept out of the review universe.

KrolLDiscovery Processing Highlights:

  • Blinding speed, extraordinary capacity (up to 1 TB/day)
  • Multi-instance deployment multiplies throughput
  • Custom hashing from up to 14 metadata fields
  • Powerful and flexible deduplication engine
  • Instant culled data retrieval
  • Post-deduplication chain of custody support for multiple custodians
  • “Hidden” text support for MS Office documents
  • “Auto-date” function recognition for MS Office documents
  • Comprehensive reporting options
  • Comprehensive load file formatting to support any platform, including Relativity, Concordance, Summation, IPRO, Introspect, and Ringtail
  • ASCLD validated; defensible against Fry & Daubert challenges
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