ESI Processing Engine

By pairing the power of a fully-distributed engine with best-in-class file support, KrolLDiscovery’s proprietary eDiscovery processing engine can be leveraged by eDiscovery practitioners to process data with both speed and accuracy that other applications cannot match.

Fully Distributed Processing

Every function within KrolLDiscovery’s ESI Processing Engine operates in a distributed fashion. Whether it is extracting information from Outlook mail stores, exporting processed data to custom load files, or ingesting loose e-docs, every task is managed from a centralized management console and executed by “agent” machines. This approach not only allows for incredible speed but, by eliminating the single points of failure inherent with self-contained processing engines, also ensures that work never ceases until it has been completed.

Infinite File Support

KrolLDiscovery’s ESI Processing Engine is capable of extracting and processing practically all commercially available email formats (including non-mail based Lotus NSF files) and countless types of loose electronic files. Even the most esoteric file types can be accessed, read, and have available text, metadata and embedded items and attachments extracted.

Centralized Management Console

All job administration and monitoring is performed through a centralized management console. eDiscovery practitioners can set up projects, monitor all processes, balance priorities and perform all administrative functions from a single portal – no need to log into multiple machines. Custom rules for filters, processes, and workflows can be designed and deployed from a centralized location to facilitate consistent and repeatable handling of data.

Too Much Data or Collapsed Deadlines Got You Down?

No Sweat – it’s just another day at the office for KrolLDiscovery! Simply bring additional agent machines online and watch them automatically begin contributing. Projects, as well as individual tasks within projects, can be assigned as much or as little horsepower as is necessary. Priority levels can be adjusted on-the-fly, giving the users complete control and flexibility. Additionally, users have the ability to directly access logical and full forensic image containers and apply pre-processing filters, such as DeNISTing, date, and location based filters to reduce the volume of data before processing commences.

Maximize Productivity

KrolLDiscovery’s ESI Processing Engine will run so long as there is data to process.  Once a project is set-up, any and all available agents will continually attack until all tasks and processes have completed. There is no such thing as downtime overnight, during the weekend, or over a holiday break – just set up the project before leaving and let KrolLDiscovery’s ESI Processing Engine run.

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