MultiMatter Management

MultiMatter Management lowers the cost and risk associated with the eDiscovery process. Organizations can now easily and defensibly reuse attorney work product, spot and manage coding inconsistencies, and minimize the risk of inadvertent production of privileged or protected content across all of their hosted matters.

Coding consistency means less risk

Attorney coding decisions are applied to all instances of a document across multiple matters. With this synchronization, you reduce the possibility of mistakes or inconsistent coding that may lead to the kind of mistakes that result in privilege waivers or sanctions.

Reusable work product saves you money

Coding decisions are made once and applied to document duplicates as they enter the matter. These decisions are preserved even if you decide to delete original documents so you never lose this valuable knowledge and don’t have to pay extra for the storage to preserve them. You are able to reduce your review set, save time, and reduce the effort of getting through the discovery process.

More control over your matters

We designed MultiMatter Management to be flexible and work within your review workflow. You are able to choose which matters and fields participate in the system to ensure that only relevant information is tracked and synchronized. Our real time identification of inconsistencies allow users and administrators to spot issues as they happen and to take action. Our unified interface allows administrators to manage inconsistencies and exceptions from a single page inside of Relativity.

Built inside of Relativity®

We have leveraged the power of the industry’s leading platform and built MultiMatter Management right inside of Relativity. It can be installed on your workspaces in minutes and abides by all the appropriate role-based permissions provided Relativity, so only people you choose who will have access to it. It also comes by backed by KrolLDiscovery’s Orange-level Best in Service team and infrastructure.

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