KrolLDiscovery has decades of experience performing forensically sound data acquisitions, both nationally and abroad.  Our team, equipped with state of the art tools, and attuned to the latest technical and legal developments, guarantee that our clients will receive the finest service available in these fields.

Digital Crime Scene Investigators

Our experts understand the importance of their role performing data collections and, as such, do not take that obligation lightly. With years of training, education, and field experience under their belt, our team is led by a former federal and state prosecutor who is recognized nationally as an expert in computer law, working alongside a former law enforcement officer who helped establish the best practices in these areas and has trained others in them for years. Our team is truly the best in the business – men and women who have performed thousands of examinations for the FBI, the DEA, state and local Police, District Attorneys, and private industry, and have been qualified numerous times as experts. When engaged in the field, our team puts up the proverbial “crime scene tape” and does not rest until the job is done. Their mission and sole focus is to investigate the digital crime scene to identify, collect, preserve, search, produce and interpret electronic data in a manner that makes it admissible in legal proceedings.

Secure Lab and Chain-of-Custody Procedures

Our facilities are physically secured to law enforcement and international laboratory standards. Our forensic equipment is “stand alone,” not linked to the Internet, so that the integrity of our equipment cannot be compromised. We have implemented strict disaster recovery plans, so that if our facilities were damaged, your evidence would still be safe. The physical and digital security of our facilities and equipment is routinely subjected to outside review. Our analysts preserve chain-of-custody of evidence to law enforcement standards, so that admissibility of evidence is never a question.

Computers and Data Evolve.  So Do We.

The tides of innovation and technological advancement reshape the digital world, like sand on a beach, in the blink of an eye. We understand that and are constantly evolving to stay ahead of the latest technical and legal developments in compliance and electronic discovery, as only specialists in the field can do.

Mobile Devices? Legacy Systems? Cloud Storage? No problem!

Our engineers are skilled in all types of computing systems – servers, mainframes, cloud computing, web-based email, PCs, and laptops, and are both educated and experienced across all common operating systems. Our expertise extends to mobile phones, tablets, and practically every other computing device available. If it runs on power and stores information, the odds are we’ve collected data from it.

Remote Collections Have Never Been So Simple

KrolLDiscovery has developed the most advanced and robust remote collection technology in existence, Remote Collections Manager (RCMgr®)  Having been deployed thousands of drives coast-to-coast and around the globe, RCMgr is a mature tool that has done everything from performing a full disk image of a laptop to a targeted collection of a large file server to collections of mailboxes from a Lotus Notes server.  Click here to learn more about RCMgr and change the way you view remote collections.

Social Media Made Easy

The use of social media, both personal and professionally, is growing exponentially and will only continue to grow. It should come as no surprise, then, just how frequently data from social media outlets is being is being introduced as evidence.  More eDiscovery practitioners are questioning the “hows” and “whats” of forensically sound collection from social media, and KrolLDiscovery has the answers.  Having performed countless collections and analysis of data acquired from social media sources, we can provide unparalleled service and expertise in this field.  For example:

  • We offer proprietary collection tools for social media sources like Twitter and Facebook.
  • We can present social media data to users in a traditional review interface in-line with other custodian data.  You don’t need to use a stand-alone interface for that portion of your review!
  • We can present geographical data on maps for sources that contain that information.

As with any other data collection, all work performed with social media is 100% defensible and unchallengable.

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