When responsive documents contain privileged or confidential information, attorneys must ensure consistent compliance with all redaction rules while also keeping the cost of making redactions to a minimum. The tedious nature of manually making redactions makes this a difficult proposition to manage.

AutoRedaction in Relativity, an exclusive KrolLDiscovery offering, greatly reduces the burden of this process by automatically finding and redacting sensitive information from documents in a workspace, resulting in faster, cheaper, and more reliable redactions.

Consistency and Risk Reduction

It is hard to manage a large redaction job across multiple reviewers or review teams. Our automated approach streamlines this ordinarily repetitive, error-prone task and creates consistent, reliable redactions on your documents.

Flexible Library of Patterns

Common patterns of personably identifiable information are stored in a library to make searches easy by default. Adding fully customized words, phrases, or generalized patterns takes only a few seconds, and the library can be shared among your workspaces in Relativity.

Quality Control Workflows and Reporting

Our audit tool allows you to quickly and easily review all documents where AutoRedactions have been made. It even flags documents that may be particularly risky so that a reviewer can be sure to perform eyes on review of the document. Our reporting gives you full insight into AutoRedactions and reveals how much time and effort you have saved.

Real-Time Feedback

Our AutoRedaction jobs dashboard provides real-time feedback as the system is working so that you know when a job will be completed. Our “set it and forget it” alerting system allows you to kick off a job, log out of Relativity, and be alerted when the job is complete. The system also allows you to bulk rollback redaction entire redaction jobs when a mistake is made in pattern selection or document set.

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